SciOne simplifies and streamlines the submission process and help you dramatically reduce the publication time from submission to publication.


SciOne helps editors to manage their multiple journals (from submission to publication) with a quick, easy, reliable, and stable tool.


SciOne generates the best digital publications and makes it easier to discover, share, and cite the research work by fellow researchers.

Advanced Development

Manuscript submission and peer-review system is designed with the consultancy of experienced and renowned editors, reviewers, and authors.

Effective Streaming

SciOne streamlines the process and efficiently manages the journal’s peer review and production workflows from beginning to end.

Superior Reporting

One of the best reasons to choose SciOne is its Superior Reporting capabilities that help journal management in making strategic decisions.

Fast Communication

SciOne provides in-depth monitoring of the submission process and allows quick contact with authors and reviewers.

Fast Turned Around

SciOne is a versatile and powerful tool that helps the journal management team to save time throughout the submission & peer-review process.

Core Functionality

SciOne is designed specifically to assist Authors, Editors, and Reviewers. It helps Authors to submit manuscript files and respond to the reviewer comments accordingly. The system aids Editor to manage and review the new submissions, filter & assign the quality manuscripts to Reviewers, and conclude and communicate final decisions of acceptance, rejection, revision or transfer manuscripts. It also facilitates Reviewers to accept/reject the invitation, evaluate the manuscript qualitatively, and submit the final report and confidential note for an editor through the system. After the final decision of Editor-in-Chief, the files are one click away to be assigned to the production department for further processing.

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