About Us

About SciOne

SciONE is a technologically robust platform designed to facilitate the management, publishing, and dissemination of scholarly content. Developed by the Asian Council of Science Editors (The ACSE), SciONE offers a comprehensive suite of tools that supports the entire editorial process, from submission and peer review to indexing and publication. Aimed at enhancing the accessibility, efficiency, and impact of research, SciONE empowers academic communities worldwide by providing an affordable, transparent, and collaborative approach to scholarly publishing. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, SciONE is the preferred choice for scholars, editors, and publishers seeking to expand the reach of their work and engage with global audiences.

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Core Functionality

Core Functionality

SciONE is a comprehensive manuscript submission and peer review management system. This system facilitates the entire editorial process from submission to publication, including initial submission, peer review, revision, editorial decision-making, and final publication steps. It provides an integrated platform for authors to submit their manuscripts, for editors to manage submissions, assign reviewers, and make editorial decisions, and for reviewers to access manuscripts, submit reviews, and communicate with editors. This streamlined workflow is designed to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and integrity of the scholarly publishing process, making it a pivotal tool for academic journals worldwide.

Why Chose Us

As your digital publishing partner, SciONE offers unparalleled advantages for journals and publishers aiming to enhance their reach, impact, and operational efficiency. With its robust, scalable, and sophisticated platform, SciONE specializes in empowering academic and research communities by optimizing the dissemination and visibility of scholarly content.